Sport Betting Events

When the Totalisator Agency Board (TAB) was established in New Zealand gambling became more lenient because prior to it almost all forms of gambling were illegal. However, horseracing was allowed and eventually, the government also allowed other forms of sports betting.

Today there are four major sport betting events that Kiwis are very keen on.

Australian Football

sportbettingevents australianfootball - Sport Betting Events

The first game was played in May 1859 in Melbourne, Australia and also known as Australian Rules football or Aussie Rules or footy is a contact sport played between two teams with eighteen players.

Aussie Rules has become a major sporting event here in New Zealand and in Australia which attracts a ton of online betting.

The World Cup is probably the most anticipated event for every Kiwi or Aussie looking to bet and win some cash.


sportbettingevents cricket - Sport Betting Events

The game cricket has been around since the 16th century. And when the British came to New Zealand, they brought this game with them. The game has a proud heritage and the rivalry with England has only made the sport more popular.

The popularity of the sport provides plenty of opportunities for bets and cash.


sportbettingevents tennis - Sport Betting Events

Tennis is a popular racket sport known worldwide. The first game was played sometime between 1859 and 1865 and became part of The Olympics in 1896. The Australian Open in Melbourne is a very popular event close to New Zealand.

Each year the wagering online has been trending and during live games, “in-play” betting is allowed.


sportbettingevents horseracing - Sport Betting Events

Horseracing is an equestrian performance sport that goes back to Ancient Babylonia, Ancient Greece and has been part of ancient myth and legends of the gods. Today horseracing is still a spectator sport that is enjoyed by many. Some of the largest sports betting happen during horse races. Here in New Zealand horseracing is a very popular sport with around thirty-three horseracing events scheduled all throughout the year.