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The Rise of Online Gambling in New Zealand

Online gambling is just as popular in New Zealand as it is everywhere else, despite the country’s physical isolation from the rest of the globe. Even though some nations have proposed laws to control online gambling, New Zealand is not interested in this form of legislation at this time. New Zealand has not yet declared online gambling unlawful so long as the casino is not situated in New Zealand, even though there are global prohibitions against lottery games and sports betting.

Gambling in New Zealand

Gambling was viewed as a leisure pursuit for a long time. Wagering on the horse and greyhound races was the most common form of gambling in 1830. The device that showed spectators, where the horses were in a race, was created by George Julius in 1931. Having access to this machine upped the ante on the excitement level of gambling.

When gambling online gambling became legal

In 1998, the first legal online casinos opened, giving gamblers around-the-clock access to their games. Online gambling has reached a new level as a result of the dynamics of the industry and technological developments. Many gamblers today would rather do their betting from the convenience of their own homes.

Review data suggests that over 70% of the adult (over 18) population in New Zealand has participated in some type of gambling. Gambling in New Zealand is now often seen as a positive tourist experience.
The government of New Zealand discovered the massive outflow of funds to offshore gaming sites in 2003. The Gambling Act of 2003 was revised and new ideas were drafted.

Guidelines from the government

In 2003, new legislation was enacted to regulate the gambling industry in New Zealand. Sportsbooks, sports gambling, and casino gambling in New Zealand are all within the purview of the New Zealand Gaming Boards and the New Zealand Lottery Commission, thanks to the Gambling Act. However, if casinos in New Zealand offer online gambling, it is against the law.

Further, operators are not permitted by New Zealand law to provide players with access to online casino games. While the verdict does not affect land-based casinos, it does affect online gaming sites and offshore gambling establishments.

Land-based casinos are lawful in New Zealand, however, they are not permitted to offer any form of remote gambling, including internet bingo games and online poker games.

Despite these restrictions, online gambling and gaming are popular amongst New Zealanders. New Zealanders often use offshore sites located in other countries for gambling due to legal gaps that allow for the provision of services by these companies.

nz gamble - The Rise of Online Gambling in New Zealand

The Long-Term Prospects of New Zealand’s Online Gambling Industry

Many offshore casinos use a legal grey area in the UK’s Gambling Act to avoid paying taxes. Players from New Zealand are frequently attracted to these operators because of the incentives they provide. The NZD, or New Zealand dollar, is accepted at many foreign and virtual gambling sites.

Some online gambling sites even accept a variety of different payment options that are popular in New Zealand. Toll-free international customer service phone lines are available if you have any inquiries about gaming.

Online casino play is technically prohibited in New Zealand, although the government has few options for preventing or legalising the practice. Regulating online gambling would be a good idea, but the current legal climate makes that unlikely to happen.

The government also proposed allowing overseas businesses to operate legally in New Zealand by granting them gambling licences. It was suggested that issuing licences to foreign casinos would promote competition and boost revenue for all gambling establishments.

As a result of the government’s proposed regulatory changes, the gambling industry in New Zealand has expanded, and restrictions on offshore online gambling have been lifted, making the industry more lucrative than ever.

Online gambling in New Zealand

The most common type of gambling is poker played on the internet. Annual wagering totals approach $10 billion, far exceeding the $4 billion earned by casinos. Sports betting, among other forms of gambling, is growing in popularity in New Zealand. With the proliferation of smartphones and cellular networks, the New Zealand online gambling business is only expected to expand. Online gambling can be played in any country. The numbers reveal that more and more people are starting to participate in online gaming.

When it comes to overseas gambling sites, New Zealand’s government leaves plenty of room for interpretation, making it simple for locals to gain access and start betting online. The law makes it clear that Kiwis are free to gamble at any offshore site. Keno, poker, video poker, blackjack, slots (pokies), and baccarat are just some of the games you can play at any time.


New Zealanders who gamble online have nothing to worry about from the government, so long as the online casino they choose is not situated in New Zealand.

The abundance of online poker sites that accept New Zealand dollars and keep player balances in NZ dollars is another factor keeping Kiwis coming back to gamble online. Since there are no currency conversion issues, these are great gambling sites for Kiwis.

There is a lot of enjoyment to be had when playing poker online. Many people in New Zealand are discovering how much fun online poker can be. Don’t forget that despite the convenience of online poker, it’s still gambling. Contact the New Zealand Gambling Help Line if you come across a suspicious site.