gamble nz online 920x425 - The Rise of Online Gambling in New Zealand

Online gambling is just as popular in New Zealand as it is everywhere else, despite the country’s physical isolation from the rest of the globe. Even though some nations have proposed laws to control online gambling, New Zealand is not interested in this form of legislation at this time. New Zealand has not yet declared online gambling unlawful so long as the casino is not situated in New Zealand, even though there are global prohibitions against lottery games and sports betting.

Gambling in New Zealand

Gambling was viewed as a leisure pursuit for a long time. Wagering on the horse and greyhound races was the most common form of gambling in 1830. The device that showed spectators, where the horses were in a race, was created by George Julius in 1931. Having access to this machine upped the ante on the excitement level of gambling.

When gambling online gambling became legal

In 1998, the first legal online casinos opened, giving gamblers around-the-clock access to their games. Online gambling has reached a new level as a result of the dynamics of the industry and technological developments. Many gamblers today would rather do their betting from the convenience of their own homes.

Review data suggests that over 70% of the adult (over 18) population in New Zealand has participated in some type of gambling. Gambling in New Zealand is now often seen as a positive tourist experience.
The government of New Zealand discovered the massive outflow of funds to offshore gaming sites in 2003. The Gambling Act of 2003 was revised and new ideas were drafted.

Guidelines from the government

In 2003, new legislation was enacted to regulate the gambling industry in New Zealand. Sportsbooks, sports gambling, and casino gambling in New Zealand are all within the purview of the New Zealand Gaming Boards and the New Zealand Lottery Commission, thanks to the Gambling Act. However, if casinos in New Zealand offer online gambling, it is against the law.

Further, operators are not permitted by New Zealand law to provide players with access to online casino games. While the verdict does not affect land-based casinos, it does affect online gaming sites and offshore gambling establishments.

Land-based casinos are lawful in New Zealand, however, they are not permitted to offer any form of remote gambling, including internet bingo games and online poker games.

Despite these restrictions, online gambling and gaming are popular amongst New Zealanders. New Zealanders often use offshore sites located in other countries for gambling due to legal gaps that allow for the provision of services by these companies.

nz gamble - The Rise of Online Gambling in New Zealand

The Long-Term Prospects of New Zealand’s Online Gambling Industry

Many offshore casinos use a legal grey area in the UK’s Gambling Act to avoid paying taxes. Players from New Zealand are frequently attracted to these operators because of the incentives they provide. The NZD, or New Zealand dollar, is accepted at many foreign and virtual gambling sites.

Some online gambling sites even accept a variety of different payment options that are popular in New Zealand. Toll-free international customer service phone lines are available if you have any inquiries about gaming.

Online casino play is technically prohibited in New Zealand, although the government has few options for preventing or legalising the practice. Regulating online gambling would be a good idea, but the current legal climate makes that unlikely to happen.

The government also proposed allowing overseas businesses to operate legally in New Zealand by granting them gambling licences. It was suggested that issuing licences to foreign casinos would promote competition and boost revenue for all gambling establishments.

As a result of the government’s proposed regulatory changes, the gambling industry in New Zealand has expanded, and restrictions on offshore online gambling have been lifted, making the industry more lucrative than ever.

Online gambling in New Zealand

The most common type of gambling is poker played on the internet. Annual wagering totals approach $10 billion, far exceeding the $4 billion earned by casinos. Sports betting, among other forms of gambling, is growing in popularity in New Zealand. With the proliferation of smartphones and cellular networks, the New Zealand online gambling business is only expected to expand. Online gambling can be played in any country. The numbers reveal that more and more people are starting to participate in online gaming.

When it comes to overseas gambling sites, New Zealand’s government leaves plenty of room for interpretation, making it simple for locals to gain access and start betting online. The law makes it clear that Kiwis are free to gamble at any offshore site. Keno, poker, video poker, blackjack, slots (pokies), and baccarat are just some of the games you can play at any time.


New Zealanders who gamble online have nothing to worry about from the government, so long as the online casino they choose is not situated in New Zealand.

The abundance of online poker sites that accept New Zealand dollars and keep player balances in NZ dollars is another factor keeping Kiwis coming back to gamble online. Since there are no currency conversion issues, these are great gambling sites for Kiwis.

There is a lot of enjoyment to be had when playing poker online. Many people in New Zealand are discovering how much fun online poker can be. Don’t forget that despite the convenience of online poker, it’s still gambling. Contact the New Zealand Gambling Help Line if you come across a suspicious site.

Lawspot online 920x425 - New Zealand Gambling Laws - What You Need to Know

New Zealand has a long history of gambling, and throughout that time, many severe laws have been put in place. Someone living in New Zealand by the name of George Julius had a profound effect on the development of sports betting in New Zealand. The “automatic totalisator” that Julius invented is a tote board used in the infield of race tracks to show the current positions of the horses.

Gambling is a rapidly growing industry in New Zealand

Gambling is a rapidly growing industry in New Zealand. With more and more people turning to gamble as a way to make money, the government has had to step in and regulate the industry. The new laws are designed to protect gamblers from themselves and ensure that they can gamble responsibly.

The gambling industry is deeply controversial in New Zealand. Gambling is a huge industry in New Zealand and it is expected that it will only increase in size as more people gain access to the Internet.

The government wants to ensure that it protects its citizens from the dangers of online gambling, while not stifling growth in the New Zealand online gambling industry.

Rules Governing Current Gambling

Under the Gambling Act of 2003, any kind of gambling not specifically permitted by the New Zealand government is illegal within the country. The government issues separate licences for each of the four categories of gambling. Each category has a different maximum payout and turnover percentage, and players must be at least 20 to access a casino but only 18 to play sports betting scratch cards, or lotteries.

Class 1: The total price pool or turnover for Class 1 gambling cannot exceed $500. Those who come out on top in any given process must comply with whatever rules were set forth for that particular process. A private citizen may only engage in Class 1 gambling.

Class 2 wagering requires a total prize pool of $2,500 or less. Total sales must be over $500 but less than $25,000. Class 2 gaming does not require a licence, although it can only be operated by the kind of organisations specified in the Gambling Act.

Class 3 gambling requires awards of more than $5,000, and Class 4 gambling involves the use of gaming machines. The casino does not need a licence to operate under Class 3 or Class 4.

Online Gambling In New Zealand

As long as the internet casino is located outside of New Zealand, residents there need not worry about legal ramifications. Slot machines, lottery games, sports/race betting, and traditional casino games are the sole options for those who want to gamble with New Zealand operators.

Despite the country’s strong rules on the gambling industry, the government’s main focus is on closing down unlicensed New Zealand companies. The government has made it plain that if a New Zealander is of legal age and the online casino is located elsewhere, then there would be no legal repercussions. Craps, poker, blackjack, keno, roulette, slots, and video poker are all available.

As long as the casino’s operator is based outside of New Zealand, you are also free to deposit and withdraw any real money you win. New Zealand dollars (NZD) are widely accepted at a wide variety of online casinos.

In many online casinos, Kiwi dollars can be deposited, withdrawn, and used for play. If the gambling establishment accepts New Zealand dollars, the player won’t have to worry about the additional costs associated with exchanging currency.

Casino laws online - New Zealand Gambling Laws - What You Need to Know

Is it Risky to Bet Online in New Zealand?

Given that there are currently no online New Zealand casinos, gamblers from the country will need to rely on the good faith of other governments and comply with their rules regarding online gambling. But this only proves that many foreign nations are accepting the New Zealand dollar as a means of enticing visitors from New Zealand.

It’s important to verify that the casino you’re considering playing at is licenced and regulated appropriately in the country where its operations are headquartered.

If you want to play at a reputable online casino, seek the eCOGRA seal of approval at the site’s footer. This demonstrates that the casino uses sophisticated encryption and fair gaming methods. Any reasonable New Zealander would feel secure depositing money with them after reading this.

Can a New Zealander File a Complaint over Mistreatment?

Even though the New Zealand authorities can’t do anything about an international or foreign gambling site. For any complaints about the casino’s fairness, players can contact eCOGRA, an organisation that mediates disputes between players and the casinos they have validated.


While the penalties for breaking New Zealand’s strict gambling regulations are severe, the laws themselves are not the problem. Assuming they are of legal age, anyone from New Zealand can play at an online casino. It is the player’s responsibility to verify that they are using a legitimate online casino. and New Zealand dollars are accepted there.

Casino tips online nz 920x425 - 4 Top Tips for Playing Online Casino Games in New Zealand

Gambling is a popular pastime for many Kiwis. It’s the second most popular legal recreational activity in New Zealand. However, not all gambling activities are legal in New Zealand. If you’re keen on playing online casino games based in New Zealand, there are a few things to be aware of before you get started!

1. Things to consider when gambling online in New Zealand

There are a few things to keep in mind when gambling online. First, New Zealand residents are only allowed to gamble on gambling websites that have been granted a license by the Lotteries Commission. Second, consider consulting a financial adviser if you’re thinking about gambling online in New Zealand.

Playing for Real Money

The most traditional form of gambling is winning ATM cash prizes from the national lottery (1 in every 5 adults have played a raffle in their lifetime). There are also online slot machines available in the country. When paying for your lodging in a hotel room, you could be putting your real-life money at risk. You may well be financing a trip with your credit card, or you could be financing a trip with your real-life savings. When a raffle is live, you are paying for a chance at winning real money. In most cases, prices are limited to a few dollars on a prize of several thousand dollars. To summarize – while you may be able to win at a raffle, you are almost certainly taking a different approach to financing your trip to the island nation of Aotearoa.

2. A brief history of online gambling in New Zealand

The history of online gambling in New Zealand is a relatively short one. The first online gambling site in New Zealand was launched in 1997 by a company called The House of Chance. In the early days, online gambling in New Zealand was only available to a select number of people because you had to be a member of a licensed club to register. When you joined The House of Chance, you had to pay a monthly subscription fee but access to the site was completely free it’s not clear whether this was advertised on the site – but admittedly, there are quite a few contractually agreed terms surrounding user agreements. As you can imagine, people began to make a bit of a fuss about this development. Some tried to bring in legislation to regulate the industry which broke down something called the “Nordic model”.

Nordic model

One thing that the Association of Gaming Controls in New Zealand has done successfully is to create several guidelines for the industry. When these guidelines were first put in place, gambling companies had a bit of a think.

3. What are the biggest online casino sites for Kiwis?

The two biggest online casino sites for Kiwis are SkyCity and SkyCasino. SkyCity has a wide variety of games to play, including classics like blackjack and roulette, as well as video slots and jackpot games. It is also pretty affordable, too—you can just play for as little as $5 per day and more than that in some cases!

So, what are the differences between these two sites?

Types of gameplay:

Both SkyCity and SkyCasino offer online games that you can play with a variety of different people. The gameplay generally varies from game to game, and there’s a wide variety of different strategies you can use to further increase your profits.

In addition, there are four different types of gameplay:

Free-play: You can leave the computer on while you play, and chances are you’ll be able to play a couple of hours before you need to close it.

Ping pong: There’s an equal amount of luck involved when playing the games on either side. If you notice that there’s a line of players waiting on you to start the game, you have to “host” the game by moving the mouse over the lower right corner of the screen. Ping pong is the same as a Free-play game.

Multi-machine: In this case, there are five different machines (gaming machines), but you can play against humans or bots as well.

Best Casino games NZ - 4 Top Tips for Playing Online Casino Games in New Zealand


4. Ensure you learn the rules and laws in New Zealand

Gambling is a popular activity for many Kiwis, and the country’s gambling laws have been designed to protect players. However, not all online casinos are created equal, and it’s important to understand the laws and the penalties for violating them to ensure you stay within the law.

1. Know and respect the laws.

Online slot machine games (OSMs) fall under New Zealand’s Economic games regulations. These are set by the government and determine the minimum parameters for machines and slot payouts. Certain OSMs are legal, while most are not. Refer to the Economic games regulations and New Zealand’s regulations to learn more. Refer to the main site for further information about OSM penalties.

If you’re a player, online technology is another way to make your money work harder for you. Check out our guide to online casino bonuses for some wins under the table.

2. Understand the rules.

Don’t get blindsided by the small print. Learn what you can about the machine you’re about to play, including if it’s online or offline, how much it can pay (or not pay) and how it operates. Note that some prizes may be illegal, especially internationally. If that’s the case for you, your best bet is to research the laws in your country.

3. Whatever you do, don’t cheat.

As mentioned before, these online gambling machines are digital simulations. They’re not real casinos, and not all payouts are legal. Some are illegal or restricted to a small area, so it’s important not to play them outside of their legal bounds. In addition, if you’re caught cheating, you could face significant repercussions, including permanent closure of your account and your ability to play online games ever again.

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There are certain types of gambling that is not covered by the Gambling Act of 2003 and for those who gamble outside the law within New Zealand are considered criminal and will constitute to heavy fines and even imprisonment. The act is taken from the existing framework of laws in the UK, France and in the US.

ThingstoRememberWhenGamblinginKiwiLand law - Things to Remember When Gambling in Kiwi Land

the Kiwi lawmakers are learning from other parts of the world where gambling is legal and has become an important part of society. Places like Las Vegas, Atlantic City or Macau are places where gambling plays an important role.

These places have helped lawmakers come up with laws that are keen on protecting its citizens.

When the law allowed casino gambling in New Zealand in 1994 there has been a steady demand for more casino establishments however the government has been very careful and managed the growth of casino gambling within New Zealand to guarantee efficient enforcement and regulations.

The government of New Zealand recognized the dangers gambling decades ago. These dangers range from gambling addictions, financial ruin and emotional disorders that breaks apart families and friends.

The Gambling Act 2003 guarantees the Kiwis that the harmful effects of gambling are managed and minimized. They are informed and educated in responsible gaming. They have a guarantee of having a fair chance of winning.

The growth of the gambling industry is also being regulated by the act and at the same time, they encourage the industry to have a community responsibility. And the allowable gambling activities are controlled to guarantee fairness to the players.

And in the case of online casinos, the New Zealand Gambling Act of 2003 does not provide prohibition for players to play at a website that is based in another country. Since this interpretation of the law allows gambling at online casinos that are based outside New Zealand there has been a noticeable increase of Kiwis gambling online.

For the gamblers that are playing online the laws in New Zealand does not apply, provided the website is based in another country. Their playing will however be subject to the laws of the country where these online casinos are operating.

This also means that New Zealand can do very little to help in cases where players might want to dispute or file a case.

Betting on sports websites based outside New Zealand is also allowed provided that the website is based on another country with the same clause as online casino gambling.

A Kiwi player who plays over the internet on a website that is based in another country may not be considered a criminal activity or prohibited.

ThingstoRememberWhenGamblinginKiwiLand criminal - Things to Remember When Gambling in Kiwi Land

But it is important to note that these players will be subject to the danger of losing their personal information when they are exposed to a fraudulent website or phishing sites.

Post16 FiveSlotMachines - SkyCity Online Casino for Kiwis

The SkyCity Entertainment Group have announced a partnership with Gaming Innovation Group (GIG) to launch a new online casino aimed at Kiwis. According to, the online casino will be owned by a subsidiary of SkyCity Entertainment Group that will be based in Malta.

New Zealand Online Gambling Law

New Zealand’s Gambling Act of 2003 does have a provision related to online gambling. The act itself states.
Section 9(2)(b) of the Gambling Act 2003 prohibits remote interactive gambling. The definition of remote interactive gambling includes “gambling by a person at a distance by interaction through a communication device.
Communication devices can be defined as:

    • Computers
    • Telephones
    • Smart Phones
    • Tablets
    • Radios
    • TVs
    • or similar devices

Prohibited Gambling

Gambling is prohibited and illegal unless it is:

      1. authorised by or under this Act and complies with this Act and any relevant licence, game rules, and minimum standards; or
      2. authorised by or under the Racing Act 2003 and complies with that Act and any regulations made under it; or
      3. private gambling.

The following types of gambling are prohibited and illegal and are not authorised by and may not be authorised under this Act:

      1. Bookmaking
      2. remote interactive gambling

The following activities are prohibited in the Sky City Casino:

  1. Prohibits wearing unclean clothing or shoes.
  2. Men are not permitted to wear sleeveless tops, and all safety gear is prohibited. Sunglasses are only permitted in the poker zone.
  3. All ripped or damaged clothing must be trendy to be worn.
  4. Hats and caps are not permitted unless necessary for medical or religious reasons.

In Sky City, there are also dining options. 20 bars and eateries, a sky tower, and a theatre are among them. For those with more adrenaline, they also throw dice, allowing you to fling yourself by performing a skydive. Additionally, there is a spa where you can unwind and rest.

Exceptions to the rule

Remote interactive gambling does not include gambling by a person in New Zealand conducted by a gambling operator located outside New Zealand.

This is the reason that SKYCITY Malta ltd was created in Malta. It was to allow SkyCity to accept New Zealand, casino players. Even though SkyCity Entertainment Group is located in New Zealand and operates SkyCity Auckland, the subsidiary that owns the casino will be based outside of New Zealand, making it completely legal for it to service Kiwis

Will SkyCity Online Casino be able to advertise?

It is unlikely that SkyCity will be able to promote its online casino to its existing player base as the law clearly states:
Advertising overseas gambling is prohibited under section 16 of the Gambling Act 2003. An overseas gambling advertisement is any communication that publicises or promotes gambling, or a gambling operator, when that gambling, or operator, is outside New Zealand. It is also any communication that is reasonably likely to induce people to gamble outside New Zealand. Section 16 makes this an offence under the Gambling Act and carries a fine of up to $10,000.

More Information on the casino

Best New Zealand Casinos has an excellent review and detail on what products and features will be available at the SkyCity Online Casino.

Post27 ManHoldingSmartphone 920x425 - Important Things to Look Out for when Gambling Online

The Gambling Act 2003 does not allow remote interactive gambling as stated in Section 9(2)(b). The law defines remote interactive gambling as “gambling by a person at a distance by interaction through a communication device.”

The section also defines communication devices to be computers, telephones, cellphones, radios and/or similar devices. An example would be when you sell lottery tickets online and this also includes casino websites operating within New Zealand.

However, the law also provides some exceptions. Like sales promotions in the form of the lottery but sales promotions that are not in the lottery will fall under the remote interactive gambling prohibition.

The remote interactive gambling law is only for New Zealand and does not include gambling being conducted in other countries. So, a Kiwi player who plays over the internet on a website that is based in other countries will not be violating the law.

It is important to note that players will be subjected to the laws of the country where the website is operating.

There is also the danger of getting your personal information exposed by fraudulent websites or phishing sites. There are many of these sites and most of them will look and feel very legal to those who will not take the time to investigate.

It is always best practice to research the websites first before engaging them or before sharing your personal information. Research their licenses and certificates and check the governing bodies of those certificates to validate them.

Ministry of Health’s Involvement in Legal Gambling

Post27 ManHoldingCard - Important Things to Look Out for when Gambling Online

It is also important to note that most Kiwis who enjoy online gambling are betting on websites that are operating in other countries. The Ministry of Health has been working hard for many years helping individuals that have developed mental/emotional problems due to gambling.

Gambling-related health issues have a large provision under the New Zealand Medical Laws. New Zealand has always been one of the world’s advocates in providing free medical healthcare.

They have also been working hard on providing guidance to casino establishments and betting establishments to guarantee that gamers are protected and educated from the harmful effects of gambling but they can do little when some gamblers are doing their betting on websites that are outside of New Zealand.

The Gambling Act of 2003 has a hefty fine for those caught participating in unauthorized gambling. Fines can reach $10,000 for individuals and organizations can be fined up to $50,000 so it is best to just follow the laws governing gambling to avoid problems.

Post18 TwoMenPlayingPoker 920x425 - 2 Benefits of a More Lenient Gambling Law in NZ

Gambling goes back to the Palaeolithic Age, the time where man was still not able to record history. And so, we could confidently say that gambling has been a part of human culture and development for thousands of years.

In other parts of the world, gambling is legal and an important part of society. Places like Las Vegas, Atlantic City or Macau are places where gambling plays a very important role. And they provide more than just entertainment.

Big casino companies build resorts that create jobs and opportunities to their communities.

For example, there was a time not long ago when Las Vegas was nothing more than a big piece of land with nothing but sand. Macau was nothing more than a sleepy port two centuries ago.

When gambling houses became popular and business became lucrative the area around simply grew with it.

Growth in Tourism

Post18 PeopleWalkingOnStreet - 2 Benefits of a More Lenient Gambling Law in NZ

So, in 1961 when gambling laws here in New Zealand became more lenient sports betting also grew and that also encouraged the development of better sports arenas. Horseracing was the first sports betting that was allowed here and gambling helped in its growth.

When the other sports gain popularity and betting became allowed it made the games more exciting.

Sports like Aussie football, cricket and tennis started to develop and their growth followers and popularity has increased tax revenues and helped the communities where these teams are based.

Increased Tax Revenue

Post18 StackOfPapersAndPen - 2 Benefits of a More Lenient Gambling Law in NZ

To date, there are 33-horseracings events in New Zealand with about six land-based casinos, several football teams and tennis arenas.

There are also several big casino companies that are looking to build and develop more resorts however the government is making sure that growth of the industry is managed well.

But we cannot take away the fact that sports betting and casino gambling has helped New Zealand in terms of tax revenue, development and in creating job opportunities.

The good thing about New Zealand despite its strict approach to gambling is that they value privacy. In countries like the US for example, privacy belongs to the second tier when it comes to its value, while in New Zealand, the privacy of its citizens or the individual is being carefully looked upon.

In recent years there has been an increase in support to make privacy a right of an individual which is important for people who are into gambling.

Gambling is a personal sport and for as long as the individual is not causing any damage or affecting the lives of his friends and relatives in a negative way then his/her personal information should be protected.