nz casino games online 920x425 - The Top Casino Games to Play in New Zealand

New Zealand is home to some of the best casinos in the world. If you are looking for a great place to gamble, then you should check out one of these top casino games to play in New Zealand. From classics like blackjack and roulette to new favourites like poker and slots, there is something for everyone at these casinos. However, this raises the question of why they are so well-liked by the community. Just what is it about casino games that makes them so special?

Slot Machines/Pokies

While slot machines have gained in popularity over the past few years, New Zealand’s casinos still provide a wide selection of games for gamblers to try their hand at. One reason for this trend is that slot machines are simple to understand and play.

Also, remember that slot machines have undergone significant evolution during the previous decade. These days, video slots are a hybrid of classic machines with digital graphics. They typically use interesting multimedia in their shows. On top of that, their programmability allows for the provision of several game types at any one terminal.


Poker’s inclusion on the list comes as no shock. While just recently introduced to New Zealand casinos, poker has rapidly become a fan favourite. It’s a terrific way to meet new people because it doesn’t take long to learn and everyone can join in the fun. Playing poker can be tailored to suit your preferences thanks to the game’s many variations.

People that give poker a shot will find a new and exciting way to interact with others. It takes skill to win some games. Luck is also a factor in other types of games. Still, others call for appeal and the ability to manipulate others. The appeal of poker is that it seems to incorporate all of these elements into a unified whole. It’s easy to see why it’s so well-liked in New Zealand when you include in the added glitz that comes with being a global phenomenon.

Casino games to play - The Top Casino Games to Play in New Zealand


One other visually appealing casino game is craps. As a result, it is frequently depicted in media as well. Again, a great deal of its success comes from its exposure around the world. Perhaps that’s how the Kiwis found out about the game in the first place. But what’s kept people interested in an exciting newness that’s hard to find elsewhere?

This game may appear complicated at first. It’s easy to let the dice-throw styles, points, and other game elements overwhelm you. However, it’s simpler to pick up and play than most people think. In most cases, players quickly become skilled.

As a result of how simple it is to pick up, the game also has another standout quality: it’s fun to play. An audience is guaranteed to show up practically every time. As a general rule, spectators can’t get into the action at most card games. Indeed, viewers can gain a great deal from witnessing such spectacles. Unfortunately, it’s a passive activity overall. However, visit any craps table and you’re sure to encounter a lively mix of individuals. Playing the game is something most individuals can pick up rather fast. When people know the rules and agree not to make any comments during a game, they may enjoy themselves and root for the winning team.


Blackjack is a thrilling casino game, so give it a shot on your next trip to New Zealand. For good reason, this traditional card game is a staple in casinos all around the world. Blackjack is great for those looking for a rush and those looking to try their hand at a new game for the first time because of its straightforward rules and quick pace.

In addition to its popularity, blackjack is also renowned for its accessibility. You only need to know how to count to 21 to pick up the rules of the game quickly. Despite this, a surprising amount of strategy is possible. Because of this, it is simple to pick up yet challenging to become excellent at. While challenging to master, the benefits to those who persevere are immense.


Many locals down some roulette at their favourite local casino. There is a large variety of betting options and the game is simple to learn, making it suitable for both novice and experienced gamblers. Roulette is a fun game to play because of the enormous stakes you can win, despite the poor odds of actually winning.

While the game may be picked up quickly, you can also enjoy it as a spectator sport. As a spectator, you can’t help but join in on the action. Roulette is largely a game of chance. This is how the human brain works when observing the guessing of others. This will lead to further speculation.

By considering it in this light, the attractiveness should become apparent. Even as a spectator, the game guides one through the steps of education. It’s easy to see how someone may rapidly become interested in it.

gamble nz online 920x425 - The Rise of Online Gambling in New Zealand

Online gambling is just as popular in New Zealand as it is everywhere else, despite the country’s physical isolation from the rest of the globe. Even though some nations have proposed laws to control online gambling, New Zealand is not interested in this form of legislation at this time. New Zealand has not yet declared online gambling unlawful so long as the casino is not situated in New Zealand, even though there are global prohibitions against lottery games and sports betting.

Gambling in New Zealand

Gambling was viewed as a leisure pursuit for a long time. Wagering on the horse and greyhound races was the most common form of gambling in 1830. The device that showed spectators, where the horses were in a race, was created by George Julius in 1931. Having access to this machine upped the ante on the excitement level of gambling.

When gambling online gambling became legal

In 1998, the first legal online casinos opened, giving gamblers around-the-clock access to their games. Online gambling has reached a new level as a result of the dynamics of the industry and technological developments. Many gamblers today would rather do their betting from the convenience of their own homes.

Review data suggests that over 70% of the adult (over 18) population in New Zealand has participated in some type of gambling. Gambling in New Zealand is now often seen as a positive tourist experience.
The government of New Zealand discovered the massive outflow of funds to offshore gaming sites in 2003. The Gambling Act of 2003 was revised and new ideas were drafted.

Guidelines from the government

In 2003, new legislation was enacted to regulate the gambling industry in New Zealand. Sportsbooks, sports gambling, and casino gambling in New Zealand are all within the purview of the New Zealand Gaming Boards and the New Zealand Lottery Commission, thanks to the Gambling Act. However, if casinos in New Zealand offer online gambling, it is against the law.

Further, operators are not permitted by New Zealand law to provide players with access to online casino games. While the verdict does not affect land-based casinos, it does affect online gaming sites and offshore gambling establishments.

Land-based casinos are lawful in New Zealand, however, they are not permitted to offer any form of remote gambling, including internet bingo games and online poker games.

Despite these restrictions, online gambling and gaming are popular amongst New Zealanders. New Zealanders often use offshore sites located in other countries for gambling due to legal gaps that allow for the provision of services by these companies.

nz gamble - The Rise of Online Gambling in New Zealand

The Long-Term Prospects of New Zealand’s Online Gambling Industry

Many offshore casinos use a legal grey area in the UK’s Gambling Act to avoid paying taxes. Players from New Zealand are frequently attracted to these operators because of the incentives they provide. The NZD, or New Zealand dollar, is accepted at many foreign and virtual gambling sites.

Some online gambling sites even accept a variety of different payment options that are popular in New Zealand. Toll-free international customer service phone lines are available if you have any inquiries about gaming.

Online casino play is technically prohibited in New Zealand, although the government has few options for preventing or legalising the practice. Regulating online gambling would be a good idea, but the current legal climate makes that unlikely to happen.

The government also proposed allowing overseas businesses to operate legally in New Zealand by granting them gambling licences. It was suggested that issuing licences to foreign casinos would promote competition and boost revenue for all gambling establishments.

As a result of the government’s proposed regulatory changes, the gambling industry in New Zealand has expanded, and restrictions on offshore online gambling have been lifted, making the industry more lucrative than ever.

Online gambling in New Zealand

The most common type of gambling is poker played on the internet. Annual wagering totals approach $10 billion, far exceeding the $4 billion earned by casinos. Sports betting, among other forms of gambling, is growing in popularity in New Zealand. With the proliferation of smartphones and cellular networks, the New Zealand online gambling business is only expected to expand. Online gambling can be played in any country. The numbers reveal that more and more people are starting to participate in online gaming.

When it comes to overseas gambling sites, New Zealand’s government leaves plenty of room for interpretation, making it simple for locals to gain access and start betting online. The law makes it clear that Kiwis are free to gamble at any offshore site. Keno, poker, video poker, blackjack, slots (pokies), and baccarat are just some of the games you can play at any time.


New Zealanders who gamble online have nothing to worry about from the government, so long as the online casino they choose is not situated in New Zealand.

The abundance of online poker sites that accept New Zealand dollars and keep player balances in NZ dollars is another factor keeping Kiwis coming back to gamble online. Since there are no currency conversion issues, these are great gambling sites for Kiwis.

There is a lot of enjoyment to be had when playing poker online. Many people in New Zealand are discovering how much fun online poker can be. Don’t forget that despite the convenience of online poker, it’s still gambling. Contact the New Zealand Gambling Help Line if you come across a suspicious site.

Nz gambling 920x425 - The Top Tips for Gambling in New Zealand

New Zealand is a land of opportunity when it comes to gambling. With so many different options available, it can be hard to know where to start. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of the top tips for gambling in New Zealand, so you can make the most of your time and money.

There are many different options available for gambling in New Zealand

When it comes to gambling in New Zealand, there are many different options available. From horse racing and sports betting to casino games and online gambling, there is something for everyone. However, with so many choices available, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Take, for example, horse racing in New Zealand. Each year, there are more than 70 horse racing events in New Zealand, including local and international races. With odds available through both the TAB and online bookies, horse racing is a fun and exciting way to gamble.

Horse racing is a serious sport, but it can also be a lot of fun. For many years, it has been one of our most important entertainment exports, with races broadcast all over the world.

As well as being a popular form of gambling, horse racing also provides significant revenue for the New Zealand economy. In 2015, the industry contributed over $1 billion to the economy and over $770m in tax revenue.

And the horse racing industry, in turn, generates millions of dollars for the New Zealand economy. Recently, however, there have been some changes in the horse racing scene. A lot of it has been driven by online bookies, which are a favourite among people who enjoy gambling.

They appeal to so many people because they are convenient and easy to access. It has become quite fashionable to bet online, which is why more and more people are taking advantage of that opportunity.

Understand the different types of games that are available.

There are many different types of gambling games that are available in New Zealand. The most popular type of gambling game is the pokies, which can be found in most pubs and clubs.

The pokie machines are easy to use and are based on a random selection of symbols. Each time that a player uses the pokie machine, they will be placed against an unknown number of symbols. However, players will always be required to complete a specific number of symbols to win a prize.

The game will always start with one particular symbol on one position of the pokie machine. The remaining symbols will appear on the other positions throughout the game. The background of the pokie machine will change as the level of the game increases. Pokie machines are unique in their design because they have built-in software that enables the machine to adapt to each player.

As a result of the way that the pokie machines work, a player will need to determine whether they have won a prize and how much they have won.

The first way that players can determine their prize is through the use of a pay table. The pay table is an important part of the pokie machine, as it shows what symbols players need to land on to win a prize and how much they will win.

Gambling in nz - The Top Tips for Gambling in New Zealand

Once you have selected a game, it is important to set limits on how much money you are willing to spend

There is no question that gambling can be a lot of fun. But it can also be very expensive if you don’t take the time to set some limits on how much money you are willing to spend.

Setting a limit on the amount of money you are willing to spend seems like a good idea, but in reality, many players find it very difficult to stick to it. Moreover, most professional gamblers know what limits are for and know how to beat them. They will set their limits and use them to their advantage. There’s no doubt that the more you gamble, the more odds you will have of winning.

The strange thing is that the more you win, the more you will want to bet. Even though this may seem appealing, it can be very addictive and will probably lead to the loss of a great deal of money.

It can be very hard to stop gambling once you’ve started. Gambling can be very addictive. It’s not something that’s always going to be enjoyable. But it’s worth it as a recreational activity for adults.

Keeping this in mind, you must decide how much money you can afford to lose before you ever step foot into a casino. It is also important that you stick to this limit.

Gambling should be approached as a form of entertainment and not as a way to make money.

Gambling can be a fun and entertaining way to spend your time, but it is important to remember that it should not be approached as a way to make money. There are a few things you can do to help ensure that you have an enjoyable experience gambling in New Zealand.

Learn the rules. Find out the rules of the game you are playing before you start. Knowing the rules will help you have a better time playing and may even help you win.

Play for yourself. Gambling for money is not the same as gambling for fun. Playing for fun means that you do so without the pressure to win or lose any money. You will be able to play with a much more relaxed attitude and enjoy the game.

Be aware of the house rules when you play so you know what to expect. Different casinos may have different rules regarding certain games and you don’t want to get caught off guard. Don’t go in expecting to win. Do not spend more than you can lose.

Lawspot online 920x425 - New Zealand Gambling Laws - What You Need to Know

New Zealand has a long history of gambling, and throughout that time, many severe laws have been put in place. Someone living in New Zealand by the name of George Julius had a profound effect on the development of sports betting in New Zealand. The “automatic totalisator” that Julius invented is a tote board used in the infield of race tracks to show the current positions of the horses.

Gambling is a rapidly growing industry in New Zealand

Gambling is a rapidly growing industry in New Zealand. With more and more people turning to gamble as a way to make money, the government has had to step in and regulate the industry. The new laws are designed to protect gamblers from themselves and ensure that they can gamble responsibly.

The gambling industry is deeply controversial in New Zealand. Gambling is a huge industry in New Zealand and it is expected that it will only increase in size as more people gain access to the Internet.

The government wants to ensure that it protects its citizens from the dangers of online gambling, while not stifling growth in the New Zealand online gambling industry.

Rules Governing Current Gambling

Under the Gambling Act of 2003, any kind of gambling not specifically permitted by the New Zealand government is illegal within the country. The government issues separate licences for each of the four categories of gambling. Each category has a different maximum payout and turnover percentage, and players must be at least 20 to access a casino but only 18 to play sports betting scratch cards, or lotteries.

Class 1: The total price pool or turnover for Class 1 gambling cannot exceed $500. Those who come out on top in any given process must comply with whatever rules were set forth for that particular process. A private citizen may only engage in Class 1 gambling.

Class 2 wagering requires a total prize pool of $2,500 or less. Total sales must be over $500 but less than $25,000. Class 2 gaming does not require a licence, although it can only be operated by the kind of organisations specified in the Gambling Act.

Class 3 gambling requires awards of more than $5,000, and Class 4 gambling involves the use of gaming machines. The casino does not need a licence to operate under Class 3 or Class 4.

Online Gambling In New Zealand

As long as the internet casino is located outside of New Zealand, residents there need not worry about legal ramifications. Slot machines, lottery games, sports/race betting, and traditional casino games are the sole options for those who want to gamble with New Zealand operators.

Despite the country’s strong rules on the gambling industry, the government’s main focus is on closing down unlicensed New Zealand companies. The government has made it plain that if a New Zealander is of legal age and the online casino is located elsewhere, then there would be no legal repercussions. Craps, poker, blackjack, keno, roulette, slots, and video poker are all available.

As long as the casino’s operator is based outside of New Zealand, you are also free to deposit and withdraw any real money you win. New Zealand dollars (NZD) are widely accepted at a wide variety of online casinos.

In many online casinos, Kiwi dollars can be deposited, withdrawn, and used for play. If the gambling establishment accepts New Zealand dollars, the player won’t have to worry about the additional costs associated with exchanging currency.

Casino laws online - New Zealand Gambling Laws - What You Need to Know

Is it Risky to Bet Online in New Zealand?

Given that there are currently no online New Zealand casinos, gamblers from the country will need to rely on the good faith of other governments and comply with their rules regarding online gambling. But this only proves that many foreign nations are accepting the New Zealand dollar as a means of enticing visitors from New Zealand.

It’s important to verify that the casino you’re considering playing at is licenced and regulated appropriately in the country where its operations are headquartered.

If you want to play at a reputable online casino, seek the eCOGRA seal of approval at the site’s footer. This demonstrates that the casino uses sophisticated encryption and fair gaming methods. Any reasonable New Zealander would feel secure depositing money with them after reading this.

Can a New Zealander File a Complaint over Mistreatment?

Even though the New Zealand authorities can’t do anything about an international or foreign gambling site. For any complaints about the casino’s fairness, players can contact eCOGRA, an organisation that mediates disputes between players and the casinos they have validated.


While the penalties for breaking New Zealand’s strict gambling regulations are severe, the laws themselves are not the problem. Assuming they are of legal age, anyone from New Zealand can play at an online casino. It is the player’s responsibility to verify that they are using a legitimate online casino. and New Zealand dollars are accepted there.

Casino tips online nz 920x425 - 4 Top Tips for Playing Online Casino Games in New Zealand

Gambling is a popular pastime for many Kiwis. It’s the second most popular legal recreational activity in New Zealand. However, not all gambling activities are legal in New Zealand. If you’re keen on playing online casino games based in New Zealand, there are a few things to be aware of before you get started!

1. Things to consider when gambling online in New Zealand

There are a few things to keep in mind when gambling online. First, New Zealand residents are only allowed to gamble on gambling websites that have been granted a license by the Lotteries Commission. Second, consider consulting a financial adviser if you’re thinking about gambling online in New Zealand.

Playing for Real Money

The most traditional form of gambling is winning ATM cash prizes from the national lottery (1 in every 5 adults have played a raffle in their lifetime). There are also online slot machines available in the country. When paying for your lodging in a hotel room, you could be putting your real-life money at risk. You may well be financing a trip with your credit card, or you could be financing a trip with your real-life savings. When a raffle is live, you are paying for a chance at winning real money. In most cases, prices are limited to a few dollars on a prize of several thousand dollars. To summarize – while you may be able to win at a raffle, you are almost certainly taking a different approach to financing your trip to the island nation of Aotearoa.

2. A brief history of online gambling in New Zealand

The history of online gambling in New Zealand is a relatively short one. The first online gambling site in New Zealand was launched in 1997 by a company called The House of Chance. In the early days, online gambling in New Zealand was only available to a select number of people because you had to be a member of a licensed club to register. When you joined The House of Chance, you had to pay a monthly subscription fee but access to the site was completely free it’s not clear whether this was advertised on the site – but admittedly, there are quite a few contractually agreed terms surrounding user agreements. As you can imagine, people began to make a bit of a fuss about this development. Some tried to bring in legislation to regulate the industry which broke down something called the “Nordic model”.

Nordic model

One thing that the Association of Gaming Controls in New Zealand has done successfully is to create several guidelines for the industry. When these guidelines were first put in place, gambling companies had a bit of a think.

3. What are the biggest online casino sites for Kiwis?

The two biggest online casino sites for Kiwis are SkyCity and SkyCasino. SkyCity has a wide variety of games to play, including classics like blackjack and roulette, as well as video slots and jackpot games. It is also pretty affordable, too—you can just play for as little as $5 per day and more than that in some cases!

So, what are the differences between these two sites?

Types of gameplay:

Both SkyCity and SkyCasino offer online games that you can play with a variety of different people. The gameplay generally varies from game to game, and there’s a wide variety of different strategies you can use to further increase your profits.

In addition, there are four different types of gameplay:

Free-play: You can leave the computer on while you play, and chances are you’ll be able to play a couple of hours before you need to close it.

Ping pong: There’s an equal amount of luck involved when playing the games on either side. If you notice that there’s a line of players waiting on you to start the game, you have to “host” the game by moving the mouse over the lower right corner of the screen. Ping pong is the same as a Free-play game.

Multi-machine: In this case, there are five different machines (gaming machines), but you can play against humans or bots as well.

Best Casino games NZ - 4 Top Tips for Playing Online Casino Games in New Zealand


4. Ensure you learn the rules and laws in New Zealand

Gambling is a popular activity for many Kiwis, and the country’s gambling laws have been designed to protect players. However, not all online casinos are created equal, and it’s important to understand the laws and the penalties for violating them to ensure you stay within the law.

1. Know and respect the laws.

Online slot machine games (OSMs) fall under New Zealand’s Economic games regulations. These are set by the government and determine the minimum parameters for machines and slot payouts. Certain OSMs are legal, while most are not. Refer to the Economic games regulations and New Zealand’s regulations to learn more. Refer to the main site for further information about OSM penalties.

If you’re a player, online technology is another way to make your money work harder for you. Check out our guide to online casino bonuses for some wins under the table.

2. Understand the rules.

Don’t get blindsided by the small print. Learn what you can about the machine you’re about to play, including if it’s online or offline, how much it can pay (or not pay) and how it operates. Note that some prizes may be illegal, especially internationally. If that’s the case for you, your best bet is to research the laws in your country.

3. Whatever you do, don’t cheat.

As mentioned before, these online gambling machines are digital simulations. They’re not real casinos, and not all payouts are legal. Some are illegal or restricted to a small area, so it’s important not to play them outside of their legal bounds. In addition, if you’re caught cheating, you could face significant repercussions, including permanent closure of your account and your ability to play online games ever again.

How to play casino games online in New Zealand

1. The best online casinos

Online casinos are great for people who want to play slots, roulette, blackjack, poker, crap, bingo, and even live dealer games, with the added benefit of playing at any time of the day or night. These types of sites allow you to enhance your entertainment experience at no extra cost.

With online slots, poker, and online sports games, most people can see that online casinos have the potential to generate huge returns, which are almost limitless. Achieving these massive yields is tougher than it sounds though. If you are going to play online at a slot machine or online poker, you should have a solid understanding of the game.

2. Get lucky!

Luck is a huge part of any success you will have in life. If you are prepared to take an opportunity when it comes, you dramatically increase your chances of being lucky. It’s also important to remember that luck is not just about being in the right place at the right time but also playing your cards right.

Can you afford to take risks? To focus solely on player profits, you should ask yourself whether you are starting a brand-new series or just dipping your toe in a successful one. If the answer is yes to either, cut your losses and get out while the getting is good.

Let’s say you launch a new product or service and it goes big. Can you take out personal loans to get there? Is the product or service scalable enough to make money even if a fraction of your customers buy it? That’s where the true risk lies, and it’s nobody’s fault but your own. It’s dangerous to assume that the launching event will be the sole basis of your growth, especially if there isn’t a strong customer base behind it or it doesn’t address an existing pain point. Ultimately you can get lucky and make some good money at first, but it is important to make sure you know where you stand financially before you take any risk.

Win Online Casino - How To Win at Online Casinos: A Beginner’s Guide

3. Win at Slots with these tips

The best way to win at slots is to learn the strategy of the game. The best slots players don’t win because they’re lucky; they win because they’re good at the game and they know exactly how to play. This means sitting down and learning all about the slot machine and how to play it. To find the best odds at slots we suggest you learn about (RPD).

The Return to Player (RPD) is a percent of the sum of all the winnings the slot pays back to its player(s). RPD is not the number of real-time slot chips you are allowed to win from and does not indicate whether you will have fewer chances to hit a bonus round. These are the machines with the most excellent payout rates. The best slot machines available are the games that receive the most return to playing rates. You’ll get no guarantee of victory on these slots any time you play and you’ll have no idea when these Slots are set to open. Online casino players have various opportunities to boost their gaming game and their stakes. Set betting limits and stay within that limit. Bigger stakes mean more pressure. New gamblers are especially vulnerable to more common tricks and pitfalls more experienced gamblers know how to avoid. These can keep you outside of your comfort zone and keep your mind in an insecure place where gambling can be perceived as something it is rather than something disproportionately valuable. Set your limits and don’t try to play for the huge jackpots at online casinos, such as tournaments or detailed games like multi-reel slot games or multi-game slots.

4. How to Pick a Good Site to Play at

When picking a good site to play at, it’s important to find a site that’s reputable and trustworthy. It’s important to do your research before playing at a site you’re unfamiliar with. Search Google and YouTube for the site’s name and the word “bankroll.” Google Keyword Planner and YouTube Keyword Planner are great tools to use when you’re looking for keyword ideas. After doing some keyword research on Google and YouTube, be certain to spend some time on the site and read some reviews. Do not pick a bankroll that looks too good to be true. While that’s not necessarily a deal-breaker, be aware that bankroll sites have been caught spamming their members in the past. It’s always important to do your due diligence before rounding up a bankroll of any kind.

Find a compelling offer When searching for a bankroll, it’s important to see how much total cash a site is willing to donate for a free trial. You will want to understand how much their total savings account will be — not just the minimum deposit needed.

Make sure the site is genuine. While a bankroll can be a worthwhile investment for some, it comes with a few catches. First, it takes a significant amount of diligence to avoid getting scammed by picking a site that offers a well-known demo or free trial that ends right as the plan member’s program expires. Every site should have a link to sign up at, say, their website.

5. You don’t need to be an expert player to win at an online casino

At the end of the day, you don’t need to be an expert player to win at an online casino. All you need is the right strategy. Just make sure you know how to set yourself up for success and give yourself the best chance of winning.

Whenever I’m determining how much I should bet, I consider the money that I’m taking on. If a high-stakes game is coming up my goal is to come out the other side with a profit. If a low-stakes game is coming up, my goal is to stay under the minimum amount I’m setting or back out entirely. What you should have in mind is predicting your returns as it is always the most important part of winning at an online casino.

Diversify income If you don’t play online, you’re relatively limited in what you can do. More than likely, one of your income streams will be the amount you’re able to deposit at the casino.

When speaking with people who play online to generate their income, one of the first things that they discuss is diversifying their income so they won’t lose everything when they lose. It’s understandable that if you had your money locked up at the roulette table, you’d want to ensure that you’re protected.

best rtp online casino games 920x425 - The Best RTP Games at on Online Casino NZ

In New Zealand, there are a lot of people who enjoy playing online casino games. When it comes to finding the ideal game to play on a regular basis, there are many that players can choose from. Each of these games allows players to have fun playing an interesting game as well as earn a lot of money. While there are plenty of options with online casino games, there are some that stand out among the rest.

Mega Joker

One of the best RTP casino games in New Zealand is Mega Joker. This game offers an RTP of 99%, 3 reels and 5 pay lines. The game doesn’t offer any bonus rounds and is ranked 3 out of 10 in terms of fun to play. However, the game stands out due to its high RTP percentage and ability to win consistently.

In this game, slots NetEnt are featured many times and provide the highest RTP compared to all of the other games. With a 99% return to player percentage and a progressive jackpot, players have the potential to win a lot of money whenever they play this game. Mega Joker has been available for five years and is regarded as one of the most popular games in online casinos. The game has basic graphics due to being a classic slot game. The upfront cost of playing this game ranges from $1 and $10.

Monopoly Big Event

Monopoly Big Event offers a return to a player rating between 96% and 99%, 5 reels and 20 pay lines. There are free spins and bonus rounds offered from this game as well. Compared to other games, Monopoly Big Event has fun to play a score of 6 out of 10 which is above average.

Many people grew up playing monopoly on a board and can now play it online at a casino. Since this is a slot game, players will need to get three identical symbols to win money. As a slot version, this provides players with a unique way of playing the game. With Monopoly Big Event, players can enjoy a Big Bet Bonus round that can allow them to experience enough spins to maximize the RTP. There are also additional features such as free spins, progressive multipliers and wild reels. You can play for as little as $0.20 per spin and up to $500 per spin.

high rtp slots e1611052022707 - The Best RTP Games at on Online Casino NZ

Ooh Aah Dracula

Another one of the top RTP games in New Zealand is Ooh Aah Dracula. This game offers a very high RTP rating percentage between 96% and 99% along with 5 reels, 10pay lines and free spins. It does not currently offer any bonus rounds though. The game’s fun to play score is a 7 out of 10 which is among the highest of all the RTP online casino games.

Ooh, Aah Dracula is a game created by the game company Barcrest. It offers an interesting slot format as it allows players to play one of two different game modes. A player can buy five spins of the reels at a low price which can give them an RTP of 96%. They can spend more money and increase their RTP percentage by up to 99%. Players who play this game can also take advantage of free spin rounds that will give them more spins for additional benefits while they play. One of the best things about this game is that it offers a jackpot up to 5,000 times your line bet. You can play this game for as little as $0.10 per spin and $500 per spin.

1429 Uncharted Seas

When playing at an online casino, 1429 Uncharted Waters is another option that players can choose. This game offers an RTP percentage of 98.6% which is the second-highest. The game offers free spins, 25 pay lines and 5 reels. It does not offer any bonus rounds. The fun to play score is 6 out of 10.

This game was created by Thunderkick which is responsible for making high-quality slot games for many years. 1429 Uncharted Seas is arguably the best game made by the company. The slot first hit online casinos in 2014 so it is among the longest-lasting games in the industry. By offering an RTP rate of 98.6%, 1429 Uncharted Seas has become one of the most popular games online. A player can bet up to $100 per spin if they choose. They can also bet as little as $0.10 as well. When playing this game, a player will see symbols such as mermaids, ships and dragons. Like all other slot games, you will need to get three identical symbols to win money. Players usually win an award after making between 10 and 50 spin while playing.

Blood Suckers

Whenever a person decides to play an online casino game in New Zealand, they will want to consider playing Blood Suckers. This game is among the best in terms of RTP percentage. With a guaranteed rate of 98%, players will be in a position to maximize their potential for winning money. Similar to many other online casino games, Blood Suckers offers 5 reels and 25 pay lines. It also offers free spins and bonus rounds. Blood Suckers rates as among the highest fun to play games with an average score of 8 out of 10.

NetEnt has been one of the premier developers of online casino games over the years. It has made some of the highest-rated RTP games in the gaming industry. Blood Suckers is one of the very best games as it offers the second-highest RTP percentage out of all the online casino games. Along with a very high RTP percentage, Blood Suckers also offers smooth graphics and a scare theme. With a number of features, it is one of the games that most players enjoy playing on a regular basis. Players can bet between $0.25 and $50 per spin. With generous payouts and ten free spins, players can earn big wins when they play this game.

Choosing a Game

While there are more games that you can play at an online casino, these five are among the very best RTP casino games. With a number of features and benefits, these five games will allow people to have the most enjoyable and rewarding gaming experience at an online casino in New Zealand. For anyone looking to play an RTP game, they will want to consider these options due to the number of free spins, a variety of themes, low betting wagers and the very high RTP percentage.

Whenever you play online casino games in New Zealand, you may have difficulty deciding on which game to play on a regular basis. While it is good to take advantage of a variety of games, there are some things that you will want to look for before playing. One of the factors that you will want to look into is the RTP percentage. You will also want to find out how many reels and free spins you get as well. It is also a good idea to look for a game that offers a low amount of funds to begin playing so that you don’t spend too much before learning the game. By evaluating a game based on these factors, you will be able to enjoy everything that RTP online casino games have to offer.

popular slots nz 920x425 - Popular Slot Games of 2020 in New Zealand

If we are being honest, slots are timeless, and it is impossible to outgrow them. Every month, developers have something for us. Online gaming platforms have increasingly become around the world, with New Zealand has not been left behind. Many punters are taking interest in slot games, and it is not hard to see why. They are easy to play, and they have interesting storylines. Here are some of New Zealanders’ favourite slot games the past year.


Starburst is a creation from the gaming empire, NetEnt, and it is gaining fast popularity in New Zealand and globally. This game is a favourite on many online casino gaming platforms for amateurs and pros alike. In addition, this slot is available from any device, desktop, or mobile. The games and icons are set in a colourful cosmic theme. Even though the graphics are standard, it creates the illusion of a dated arcade game.

Starburst comes in 5 reels with 10 pay lines, which could win you up to 50000 coins. The popularity of this game can be credited to its low volatility. As such, players are bound to win more frequently, and the slot offers an RTP rate of 96.09%. You can play this slot for free or create an account and play for real money.

Mega Moolah

This game is a product of Microgaming, and New Zealanders are going crazy over its progressive jackpot. The simple interface makes it easy for players to navigate and play the game without complications and frustrations. Mega Moolah comes in 5 reels and 25 pay lines, and the special features to boost your winnings include Wild Symbol and Scatter.

Another reason why this slot is popular among New Zealanders is the alluring Savannah theme. Mega Moolah comes in different versions with different themes such as Mega Moolah Summertime, Mega Moolah Five Reel Drive, and Mega Moolah Isis. The most popular variation is the Mega Moolah Wild. The game is set up in an African Savannah with different wild animals. Mega Moolah comes with fabulous graphics and a soundtrack to enhance your gaming experience. Even though this slot lacks a demo version, it remains a top-played game in New Zealand and across the world.

Post16 FiveSlotMachines - Popular Slot Games of 2020 in New Zealand

Monopoly Megaways Slot

If you love the board game Monopoly, then the slot game is going to drive you crazy. It is not hard to see why New Zealand players are obsessing over this game. Developed by Hasbro and Big Time Gaming, the set-up of this slot is nothing short of superb. It represents the original gaming board. This slot is available on any device regardless of its operating system, whether it’s a desktop or mobile. The Monopoly Megaways slot has a demo version where you can play for free and enjoy the bonus features available.

Although there are many variations of the Monopoly slot, the Megaways version is more popular. This is because it offers more spins and increased multipliers. This makes your gaming more interesting and rewarding. The numbers of symbols on the reel are between 2 and7, and it means having more symbols increases your ways to win. For a player to win, they must match 2 or more symbols on adjacent reels. This game is highly popular because of the Reel Adventure feature that rewards you with increased multipliers and more free spins.

This game is favourable for any type of player regardless of their budget. The minimum per spin is 20p, but high rollers can bet up to 20. The auto-play setting on this game is between 5 and 100 spins. Free spins can earn you up to x14700 your initial stake thanks to the Unlimited Win Multiplier. Most slots on online casino gaming platforms offer an RTP of 96%. However, Monopoly Megaways provides the player an RTP of 96.5% which, means they earn more returns on their bankroll.

Thunderstruck II

Another epic from Microgaming, Thunderstruck II has easily become as popular as the first edition. Compared to the original slot, Thunderstruck II is a lot more enhanced, offering 5 reels and 243 ways of winning. If you loved the original edition, then this slot is going to blow your mind.

With new and enhanced features, Thunderstruck II offers the player dynamic and immersive gameplay. It also comes with high winning potentials. Compared to its predecessor, this slot comes in well-defined graphics, and the theme is more alluring. A noteworthy addition to this slot is the Pay-table Achievements feature. By completing every payout on each symbol, a player can unlock different symbols and keep track of their rewards. On the reels, you will find numerous Nordic gods including; Thor, Loki, Odin, and Valkyrie. Symbols you should pay attention to include Thor’s hammer and home, the ship, and the Thunderstruck logo.

But why do New Zealanders love this slot as much? If we were to take a wild guess, we would say it’s the bonuses and special features. The Great Hall of Spins is a remarkable feature that allows players to unlock free spins. Each god comes with its bonus feature, with the most rewarding god being Thor. This bonus comes with an extra feature, Rolling Reels that rewards you with several consecutive wins. Players can place their stakes from as low as 30p or up to $15. The slot offers a Return to Player rate of 96.65%. Compared to more recent slots, the overall outlook of Thunderstruck might seem dated, but you can be sure that the visuals, soundtrack, and animations are still something to behold. Basically, the cinematic quality offered on Thunderstruck II is timeless.


The Zeus slot is fairly popular amongst New Zealand players, and we are about to find out why. The slot is set in ancient Greece, and the storyline revolves around Greek legends and mythologies. The gaming universe of this slot is created based on Greek architecture, a defined background of warrior statues, giant temples, and prominent marble columns. The backdrop is not significantly detailed, the bold colours of the location give off an alluring and elegant feel to the game.

Zeus has an aura of sophistication around it, but once you get to play you will find it quite easy and fun. The game has 5 reels and a total of pay lines. Zeus offers its players a progressive jackpot. Zeus god is the Wild and the Scatter is the temple. Three or more scatters will reward you a maximum of 50 free games in which the payouts triple. If a temple appears during free spins, you will receive an extra bonus round.

This slot offers both free spins and base games and given it is a middle variance game, the wins are decent. A player can win up to 500 times their initial wager. The game is friendly to players within any budget, given that the lowest wage is 30p while the high rollers can stake up to $150 in a single spin. Compared to most slots, Zeus comes in standard graphics and decent gameplay. Nevertheless, the slot’s features and rewards make it worth the while.


Of course, there are many slots that could not make our list, but that doesn’t mean they are not popular in the New Zealand online casino gaming platforms. The most prominent features include juicy rewards and special features. Other contributing factors include graphics and great cinematic qualities, and of course, the availability of mobile devices. 

pokie places 920x425 - The Most Popular Pokie Places in NZ

Pokie games are all around New Zealand, however, Kiwis have been very thorough about playing online pokies. Playing pokie on your PC, tablet, or mobile phone provides all the excitement of playing in land casinos with even more alternatives and methods of winning. However, with plenty of titles and casinos in New Zealand, it can be difficult for people to choose which ones to play in. to simplify the process for New Zealanders, here are some top the most popular pokie places in NZ:

JackpotCity Online Casino

This is one of the most reputable online casinos in New Zealand and the rest of the world which was developed back in 1998. It is currently one of the most popular pokies to play in as it has an exclusive license from Malta Gaming Authority and has been registered to outside testing organization eCOGRA. This is a commendation that is only given if a casino provides fair online games, and conduct that’s liable. Moreover, JackpotCity provides an assortment of great casino online games that contain some of the most common internet pokies in New Zealand, as well as live games, table games, and much more. JackpotCity offers reliable banking alternatives to select from, plus 24-hr customer service through live chatting and emailing – all in a protected and control gaming atmosphere. For online pokie players in New Zealand, there are lots of first-rate games to play. The games include roulettes, progressive jackpots, blackjacks, video poker, online pokies, live games, and many more. Additionally, a significant figure of games from JackpotCity can be played on your mobile phone.

Spin Palace

This popular online casino is the global center of premier online pokie gaming. They have a Microgaming powered casino tool that will allow players to get hosts of the best casino games, all of which have been developed to provide players with the greatest exciting casino experience ever. The games can be played on a PC, phone, or tablet. Moreover, Spin Palace’s top security and banking qualities provide players with a peace of mind plus some of the fastest deposit and withdrawal choices. Spin Palace is known as one of the globe’s premium casino places, and it houses some of the most entertaining casino competition ever. All of their participants are lucky to enjoy the finest games and huge jackpots in an entertaining gaining atmosphere that is sure to surpass anyone’s casino expectations. It was created in 2001, and they have made a good reputation for being among the most famous casinos around. Spin Palace has played a huge role in making a secure, just, and clearer worldwide casino gaming society. Thanks to participants from all over the major gambling locations around the world, Spin Palace is well known worldwide and is rapidly equal with top-notch gaming.

Ruby Fortune Casino

If you are searching for an online slot gaming entertainment that throbs with fascination, flash, and luxury, then look no more. Ruby Fortune Casino provides all of those qualities and plenty more. Ruby Fortune takes gambling to another level. There have the best services and great experience since they debuted in 2003 up to now. They are the best in premium online casino entertainment. Their games can be played on a computer, tablet of any iOS or Android phone. The mobile casino is full of good games as well as good bonus deals and other promotions. Ruby Fortune Casino provides players with simple access to their banking and client support services. Therefore, regardless of who you are or where you are, you can brighten things up and set a bit of class.

Post18 TwoMenPlayingPoker 920x425 - The Most Popular Pokie Places in NZ

Gaming Club Online Casino

Gaming Club is among the original and popular pokie places in New Zealand. They offer players with a complete blitz of the finest table games, slots, and the inspiring, pleasing chances of rewards they have. Since they debuted back in 1994, they have only used the best online tool to allow players to enjoy the high qualities. They have also made sure that their promotions and bonuses are amid the most thrilling and substantial available, players can use their banking services with peace of mind and that as well as their client support service which is available 24 hours. Thanks to their online mobile casino, players can get their best online games that are boosted with Microgaming even when the player is out and about. Gaming Club casino can make your gaming experience exciting with all the mentioned qualities and much more. Gaming Club Casino is Malta Gaming Authority licensed and is authorized by the global reputable regulator, eCOGRA. This shows players that if they play at the Gaming Club casino, they can always get integrity and quality. The results of every game are fair and just they always update their software and online security.

Leo Vegas Casino

This is a top multi-awarded online casino that was launched in 2012 as a groundbreaking software. A player can get access to Leo Vegas casino games, slots, live casinos, and sportsbook through a smooth internet client as well as the casino’s native software. Leo Vegas has plenty of awards as well as games. The online casino has more than 1600 slot games, tables, and progressive games such as roulette. In 2019, Leo Vegas had an agreement with Oryx Gaming which is a content server, therefore the game providence will probably increase even more. There are various advertisements for Leo Vegas on TV.

Casino laws in New Zealand

Gambling has been in New Zealander’s history for a lot of years. While it has gone through some time in restriction laws, today, Kiwis are lawfully accepted to play in many kinds of gambling and are governed by the Internal Affairs Department. This is inclusive of horse racing, sports betting, slot machines (pokies), and participating in online casino gaming outside the country’s borders. All gambling is restricted unless accepted by the government. Gambling is subdivided into four sections, where each section needs a unique registration from the government to function. Top reward amounts and turnovers change according to each section. All participants should be at least aged 20 to participate in casinos but 18 years can play in sports gambling (like horse racing), lotteries, and scratch cards. All actions related to gambling that are still restricted across the nations are bookmarking and remote interactive gambling. However, while Kiwi law states that it is unlawful for any player to bet in an online casino based in New Zealand, players of the appropriate age can lawfully participate at an online casino that is outside New Zealand. But, marketing from foreign gaming operatives with the country is prohibited. All gambling in New Zealand is administered by the Gambling Commission, which is incorporated in the Internal Affairs Department. The commissioned was launched in 2003 and its function is to give licenses to casinos, stipulated licensing conditions, and approve arrangements between operatives and casino venue license carriers. People in New Zealand who want to gamble online must be afraid of the government’s repercussion provided that they choose to participate in websites that are not within the country. The New Zealand currency is not usually accepted by some online casinos, however, there are the popular ones that are happy to accept the currency.

roulette 920x425 - Popular Casino Games to Try Your Luck

Casino games are becoming more popular every day. Whether online or land-based, casinos aim to provide their customers with the best games in the market. Most of these are games of chance where you require a bit of luck alongside great skill.

If you would like to try these games, you need to learn them slowly and get the basics of each before you start playing. So, what are these games? New Zealand has a variety of traditional casino games that you can play.

Here are a few of the common games you can walk in and play in any casino.


It is one of the best luck games you can play at a casino. It is quite popular in New Zealand, and most of the casinos in the country offer it. One reason for its popularity is the easy instructions and how lucky anyone can get with it if they understand the basics.

Most of the players you will find interested in this game want a relaxed playing atmosphere that slots do not provide. Even though it provides a quiet environment, most games do not provide, and blackjack remains a thrilling game for many casino lovers.

This game is also known as ’21’ because of its rules. When playing this game, you need to beat the dealer by getting a higher card value than them. However, you should ensure that the number you get does not exceed 21. And that is how its other name came to be.

You get a house edge of less than 1% with this game if you have a fair playing strategy. You bust out of it if your card value exceeds 21. As you can see, you need to combine luck and good decision making if you are to win in this game. It draws an enormous number of fans and is, therefore, one of the best games to play.

blackjackplay - Popular Casino Games to Try Your Luck


The craps table is one of the most visited in any casino. You will hear people celebrating and shouting every other time from this table as most people win here. In general, this game has been considered the king of dice games for a long time, as that is what it is.

This attention-catching game has grown in popularity both online and offline. If you love playing online away from the noise at brick and mortar casinos, you may change your mind with this game. Many people find playing it in a crowded area much more interesting than in privacy.

It is advisable to go with craps if you feel like you are luckier with dice. It is common to find people who win little to nothing with cards but make a fortune playing with dice. With craps, you only learn the game and pray for luck as you seek to make as many winning combinations as possible.

Although some people find this game scary, you do not have to as it is easy to learn and master. The table does not have to scare you as there are people to show you around in the land-based casinos. You will find it easy within a short time of learning the basics.


If you have not been lucky with both the cards and dice, here’s another good option – the roulette wheel. It is also commonly known as the devil’s wheel. This game has 38 numbers that you can bet on by spinning the wheel and hoping to get called by the dealer.

Some of the options you can bet on include odd numbers or even numbers and dozen bets. On the same list are black numbers, outside bets, red numbers, and column bets. You can also choose to bet on a single number if you do not decide on any other options.

There are different tables at any casino, depending on the wagering amounts. You should ensure that you are at the right table, depending on how much you want to spend. For instance, you should be ready to bet a ten-dollar if you are at a ten-dollar table.

The dealer allows every player to place their bets before they can close. Once they announce no more bets, it will be time to wait for the outcome of already placed bets. You are the winner if the ball lands at the number you chose while placing your bet.


Poker is one of the most exciting and popular games you can play. It is popular with gamblers and kids who access computers, mobile devices, and the internet. That means it is one of the most accessible games you can learn as an adult and make money.

The rules involved in this game are quite simple. Anyone who knows how to count 1 to 12 can play it after understanding the basics. The primary thing to do is studying the cards you will be playing. Know the highest and lowest cards to get the best combination while playing.

There are several playing rounds in this game, and you need to decide whether you are folding or matching your cards with the previous players. It would be best to have a right-hand combination for the dealer to declare you the winner after all the playing rounds. Therefore, you also have to memorize the types of hands in the game.

Winning this game requires good skills, a working strategy, and luck. A right combination of these elements can boost your chances of winning more than anyone else. Therefore, even novice and seasoned players with a little knowledge can win in this game.


Baccarat is a game that resonates well with more experienced casino players. Most of its players have been visiting casinos for years, and they are now interested in taking their experience higher. Therefore, you should expect sophistication and class immediately you step near this table.

One of the best about this game is that it has stood the test of time. Despite many other games cropping up after it, Baccarat has remained popular in New Zealand casinos. In general, it has been described as a game of enthusiasts by gambling experts.

The banker and the player are the two prominent people or sides in Baccarat. You are only allowed to bet for either side when playing this game. The game’s outcome can either be a tie or one of the two sides you had to choose from in the betting period.

The dealer will declare the game on by dealing with the cards. Here, they will deal with two cards for both sides. You will be the winner if your totals are closer to 9 than the other side.

There are several games to choose from if you want to start gambling in New Zealand. Besides doing it for fun, gambling is one of the easiest ways to double or triple your money. However, it usually depends on how well you have mastered the game and how lucky you get with it.

With all the games mentioned above available in various casinos, you will not miss your perfect pick. The main thing to do is playing responsibly. Do not allow addiction to take its toll on your gambling habits.