Gambling has been around for quite some time. In fact, there is a study that says that gambling goes back to the Palaeolithic Age, the age before man knew how to record and write history.

In many countries, today gambling is legal and could be enjoyed by everyone provided they are of legal age. In the US there are places like Las Vegas or Atlantic City where gambling has become a great source of revenue. What is considered as the capital of the world for gambling is in Macau, China, where you would find world-class casino resorts.

Countries like Japan have very strict laws about gambling but very recently the government is taking another look at legalizing it because they see the potential to increase revenue and tourism.

Here in New Zealand, the laws about gambling are quite strict as well and since the early 90’s gambling has been considered as illegal; except horseracing where betting was allowed in the race tracks.

All other forms of gambling were considered illegal and can be found in underground clubs or dens.

And then the Totalisator Agency Board (TAB) was established and that became the board that governed the gambling industry. The new board also allowed a more lenient view on gambling and that also started the lotteries in New Zealand.

Eventually, land-based casinos were allowed to operate and beloved games like roulette and blackjack became available in New Zealand. And then pokies and fruit machines became popular and became available in clubs, hotels, poker rooms and gambling halls.

There is another group called the Gambling Compliance Group (GCG) that enforces gambling laws in New Zealand. And they take care of issuing licenses to non-casino gambling and they also ensure that these gambling places won’t violate the existing laws for gambling in New Zealand.

Because of the strict laws about gambling in New Zealand; Skyler Griffith and his team decided to create a website to help tourists and Kiwis who are not familiar with the laws find the right information.

For many years Mr Griffith has worked closely with the existing casinos and gambling establishments as a consultant. His team has also worked with casino companies who are interested to gain a license to operate in New Zealand.

Especially with the onset of online casinos Mr Griffith and his team have become an invaluable asset to casino business owners.

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