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Casino games are becoming more popular every day. Whether online or land-based, casinos aim to provide their customers with the best games in the market. Most of these are games of chance where you require a bit of luck alongside great skill.

If you would like to try these games, you need to learn them slowly and get the basics of each before you start playing. So, what are these games? New Zealand has a variety of traditional casino games that you can play.

Here are a few of the common games you can walk in and play in any casino.


It is one of the best luck games you can play at a casino. It is quite popular in New Zealand, and most of the casinos in the country offer it. One reason for its popularity is the easy instructions and how lucky anyone can get with it if they understand the basics.

Most of the players you will find interested in this game want a relaxed playing atmosphere that slots do not provide. Even though it provides a quiet environment, most games do not provide, and blackjack remains a thrilling game for many casino lovers.

This game is also known as ’21’ because of its rules. When playing this game, you need to beat the dealer by getting a higher card value than them. However, you should ensure that the number you get does not exceed 21. And that is how its other name came to be.

You get a house edge of less than 1% with this game if you have a fair playing strategy. You bust out of it if your card value exceeds 21. As you can see, you need to combine luck and good decision making if you are to win in this game. It draws an enormous number of fans and is, therefore, one of the best games to play.

blackjackplay - Popular Casino Games to Try Your Luck


The craps table is one of the most visited in any casino. You will hear people celebrating and shouting every other time from this table as most people win here. In general, this game has been considered the king of dice games for a long time, as that is what it is.

This attention-catching game has grown in popularity both online and offline. If you love playing online away from the noise at brick and mortar casinos, you may change your mind with this game. Many people find playing it in a crowded area much more interesting than in privacy.

It is advisable to go with craps if you feel like you are luckier with dice. It is common to find people who win little to nothing with cards but make a fortune playing with dice. With craps, you only learn the game and pray for luck as you seek to make as many winning combinations as possible.

Although some people find this game scary, you do not have to as it is easy to learn and master. The table does not have to scare you as there are people to show you around in the land-based casinos. You will find it easy within a short time of learning the basics.


If you have not been lucky with both the cards and dice, here’s another good option – the roulette wheel. It is also commonly known as the devil’s wheel. This game has 38 numbers that you can bet on by spinning the wheel and hoping to get called by the dealer.

Some of the options you can bet on include odd numbers or even numbers and dozen bets. On the same list are black numbers, outside bets, red numbers, and column bets. You can also choose to bet on a single number if you do not decide on any other options.

There are different tables at any casino, depending on the wagering amounts. You should ensure that you are at the right table, depending on how much you want to spend. For instance, you should be ready to bet a ten-dollar if you are at a ten-dollar table.

The dealer allows every player to place their bets before they can close. Once they announce no more bets, it will be time to wait for the outcome of already placed bets. You are the winner if the ball lands at the number you chose while placing your bet.


Poker is one of the most exciting and popular games you can play. It is popular with gamblers and kids who access computers, mobile devices, and the internet. That means it is one of the most accessible games you can learn as an adult and make money.

The rules involved in this game are quite simple. Anyone who knows how to count 1 to 12 can play it after understanding the basics. The primary thing to do is studying the cards you will be playing. Know the highest and lowest cards to get the best combination while playing.

There are several playing rounds in this game, and you need to decide whether you are folding or matching your cards with the previous players. It would be best to have a right-hand combination for the dealer to declare you the winner after all the playing rounds. Therefore, you also have to memorize the types of hands in the game.

Winning this game requires good skills, a working strategy, and luck. A right combination of these elements can boost your chances of winning more than anyone else. Therefore, even novice and seasoned players with a little knowledge can win in this game.


Baccarat is a game that resonates well with more experienced casino players. Most of its players have been visiting casinos for years, and they are now interested in taking their experience higher. Therefore, you should expect sophistication and class immediately you step near this table.

One of the best about this game is that it has stood the test of time. Despite many other games cropping up after it, Baccarat has remained popular in New Zealand casinos. In general, it has been described as a game of enthusiasts by gambling experts.

The banker and the player are the two prominent people or sides in Baccarat. You are only allowed to bet for either side when playing this game. The game’s outcome can either be a tie or one of the two sides you had to choose from in the betting period.

The dealer will declare the game on by dealing with the cards. Here, they will deal with two cards for both sides. You will be the winner if your totals are closer to 9 than the other side.

There are several games to choose from if you want to start gambling in New Zealand. Besides doing it for fun, gambling is one of the easiest ways to double or triple your money. However, it usually depends on how well you have mastered the game and how lucky you get with it.

With all the games mentioned above available in various casinos, you will not miss your perfect pick. The main thing to do is playing responsibly. Do not allow addiction to take its toll on your gambling habits.

Deposits Withdrawels 920x425 - The Online Deposit and Withdrawal Options in New Zealand Casinos

Cash Payments, Deposits, and Withdraws For Online Casinos In New Zealand

Part of the online gambling experience involves pain-free payments, deposits, and withdraws. Players in New Zealand want to have their cash payments fast and easy without a lot of holdups. Where do they turn? Below you will find some very well-known options for cash payments.

The Best Payment Providers Concerning Payments, Withdraws, and Deposits

The PaySafe Card PayPal Skrill(the Money Bookers) Visa and Visa Electron Mastercard EntroPay Neteller Are there are others?

1) Digital Wallets

These are sometimes referred to in New Zealand as “e-wallets”, as well as other parts of the world. Your banking information is kept safe, private. and secure. The reason is that the company only sees the digital aspect of the wallet. The casinos and companies associated with the casino do not see the banking details. How does it work? You open your account and connect all your banking details. You can move funds to and from the casino and wallet whenever you need to. You can use the card to spend the money or send it back to your bank. Players can transfer funds to and from the casino using an email and secure password. Most of the time, there will be no charge for the effort. However, you do need to check with the casino in New Zealand you use to verify that. You do not have to go through the hassle of typing in long bank numbers. Some players do not have access to major banks in New Zealand or other credit card information. That is what makes the e-wallet a better option. PaySafe(which is one of the major e-wallet options) owns three other companies including Neteller and Skrill. Players can feel safe knowing they can withdraw, deposit, and transfer funds wherever they want without accessing traditional routes.

2) Prepaid Cards

This is another alternative route to using a major bank or credit card in New Zealand. A prepaid card is similar to a debit card, but there is one drawback. You have to have the funds pre-loaded before using it. That means you have to withdraw and/or transfer the funds from your online casino to the card before. This is a great way for New Zealanders to avoid racking up debt with their online gambling. Debt is a global issue. It is best to avoid it when possible. Now, some of the cards are going to be physical, and others will be virtual. It depends on the casino you use in New Zealand. Those using a virtual card will have to put in a number when it says “pay by card”. It will work instantly. It is best to use the recent card they give you. using an outdated card is not going to do you any good. The fees are going to vary. They will either come in a per cent form or a flat rate. Some casinos are not going to charge you for using one. It depends on the casino you use in New Zealand. A couple of payment options that do not have fees for depositing onto a prepaid card include the PaySafeCard and EntroPay. The other thing you have to worry about is some casino will charge for making a deposit(I know!). Two places that are not going to charge for a deposit are ClickToBuy and Clic2Pay.

Post18 StackOfPapersAndPen - The Online Deposit and Withdrawal Options in New Zealand Casinos

Direct Bank Transfers

There is no middleman here. That is what makes this option one of the preferred choices.

1) There is the bank wire option. You can have the funds transferred via online banking or going into the branch. There might be some fees attached to this option. You will need to ask your bank and the casino about the transfer for more details. There are also clearance times that you have to worry about. Some banks take more time. It is similar to how some banks take longer to deposit a check.

2) There is the instant bank transfer( the name implies just what you think it does). The funds are deposited the same way, but it appears in your account right away(or, at least by the end of the day).

The Phone

Yes, you can handle your payments, deposits, and withdraws over the phone, but there are some things you need to be aware of.

1) You select the “by phone” method and the charge will appear on your bill like normal.

2) The amount you wish to deposit will be added to your phone bill or taken from your established credit.


Bitcoin has been making the news lately(some of it good and bad). It can be used for deposit and payment. The best part is that it is decentralized. There is no middleman you have to go through. That alone makes it a preferred choice. You also do not need to identify yourself when making a transaction. Some consider that a plus when it comes to security, but others say that can be an issue. It all depends on how you look at things. Bitcoin is gaining popularity mainly due to the privacy aspect. Most online casinos in New Zealand offer this option.

Before Joining Online Casino 920x425 - Things to Know Before Joining an Online Casino In New Zealand

Not all those online casinos you come across are worth joining. New casino players make the mistake of joining just any other casino without doing any research. Not all the glamorous marketing messages in there are worth believing. You need to find what other users are saying about the casino, their features, games, and other things such as bonuses before joining. So, before signing in with any other casino in New Zealand, here are some of the features you must consider.

Check Out the Regulations

It is essential that before you join any online gambling or betting, you need to check their legality. First, check if the online casino gambling is legal in New Zealand so that you don’t get on the receiving end of the law. Make sure you check the legislation concerning gambling before signing up to their platforms since some gambling sites are very strict, and you can be blocked. Also, ensure that the casino you are interested in is legit. This means that it should have a valid working license from the relevant authority in New Zealand. Ensure it’s legally operating and adhering to the gambling laws of the state.

Casino Reviews

You can never go wrong with reviews and testimonials from the casino customers. The good thing about the users is that they don’t shy away from reviewing the casino and will always say things as they are. If the casino has poor customer support, they delay payouts, or their bonuses aren’t worth it, then you’ll know that right away. Watch out for several negative reviews from a casino you want to join because anything negative should give you a red flag.


Banking methods are factors you cannot ignore when signing up with a casino. Check out the deposit and withdrawal options they have and ensure you can use them comfortably. You don’t want to deposit your money, wager on different games only to end up with trouble withdrawing your cash. Have a close check on how they deposit and withdraw money by visiting their banking page. When it comes to dealing with money, it is wise of you to choose the most convenient and safest method that suits you. Don’t forget to check their minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts.

Post27 ManHoldingCard - Things to Know Before Joining an Online Casino In New Zealand

Variety of Games

After you have signed up, always check the software and the variety of games that are available on that page. You can check which sites are available by using video slots before you register. Don’t forget to check all the sites since popular sites will not have of your favourite games. If you come across a site that has the top software, then it can have all the types of games you are looking for. Whether you like playing online slots, poker, table games, blackjack, etc., you should ensure they are in your casino platform and use them in your favour.

Bonus Options

Most of the casinos in New Zealand offer some bonuses to the newly signed up customers. They normally indicate the policy of their bonus on their website. This deposit can be a match of your first investment or even a fixed amount. You will come across sites that deposits money into your account before you make your first deposit. This bonus is an excellent way to start you off with the casino before you can gain enough confidence to wager your own money. Always go for the best t of bonuses with favourable wagering requirements. Understand that sometimes a good bonus doesn’t come with favourable terms and conditions. Apart from the sign-up bonuses, you can also watch out for other promotions and offers for loyal customers. Do they have weekly bonuses? Are there VIP bonuses, What about free spins? These are some of the promotions you need to look for when signing up with the casino of your choice.

Their Customer Support

Sometimes servers are normally down with no apparent reason. This has also happened to online casinos. You need to understand that even the best online casinos will face some technical hitches no matter what happens. These technical problems may arise when you are still gaming or making a transaction. There is no need to panic when you encounter problems with your casino since the best online gambling sites have live customer support for such purposes. You can communicate with them through direct phone calls or email them. Always go through their website while checking the contact information provided before you sign up. Check how long they take to respond to queries you are asking on their site.


A good online casino is available on almost every platform and device. You can play anytime in any location so long as you have the required gadgets such as a computer, tablet, and a smartphone. Most of the online casinos in New Zealand always invest in technologies that create the best out of their customers. Mobile gambling is now the newest trend in online casinos, and your platform of choice should have that. Also, make sure the site is user-friendly, and you can navigate it easily. Gambling in New Zealand is not as complicated if you sign up with the best casinos. Remember to do a lot of research on your ideal casino and make sure you’re comfortable with their terms and conditions. Ensure you can withdraw your winnings and contact support easily. You’re going to wager real money here, and as far as gambling itself is a risk, you cannot afford to be too careless with your money as to sign up to a worthless casino.

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Online Casino Growth

Online casinos are growing more and more popular in this day and age. This is due to the convenience of playing right from your very own home in comfort. The days of visiting a public Casino house have lost its popularity and its appeal. This is due to the strict gaming house casino laws that exist in most countries. Online games are growing by leaps and bounds in the world today.

New Zealand Gambling

But as for the country of New Zealand gambling is legal in the Casino houses, but not online. But the country does require that a portion of the public casino’s earnings are donated to benefit the community. A person must be 20 years of age to be able to Gamble in a gaming house. New Zealand also only has six gaming house casinos in their country. They are currently not approving any more gaming license for a new casino. Basically the country doesn’t want its people to develop gambling addictions, so they are limiting the casino’s reproduction.

Online Casinos Illegal

Although online casinos are illegal in the country of New Zealand, that doesn’t stop them from playing outside their country’s boundaries. So the New Zealand people always play online casino games that are in another country. This is why online gambling has become popular in the country of New Zealand. Although, these limitations do not stop New Zealand from having its online casinos. These casinos consist of high technology and the game graphics are some of the finest out on the market. They have a very high success rate of winnings. Which is exactly what customers want. What could be greater than that?

Cosmo Casino

One of the top online casinos in New Zealand is Cosmo Casino. A person only has to deposit a minimum of $10 to start playing online games. Once you deposit the $10, you will receive 150 free extra spins to use at your leisure. Cosmo Casino is a licensed online gaming casino. Your account is safe and secure and customer service is polite and helpful, and try to solve all your problems. Their most popular games are Mega Moolah, Thunderstruck and Forbidden Throne. These games are very entertaining and have very beautiful graphics. This casino has 97% winnings and a one to three-day payout.

Jackpot City

Jackpots City is another Casino that gives a 1,600 dollar bonus to new customers. Plus a patron-only has to deposit $10 to start playing. Payouts are big and at a rate of 97.84 % and you can get your winnings in a 1-2 day payout. Games are state of the art and include such games as slots, blackjack, roulette and poker. Each game graphics are unique and beautifully done, which creates great gameplay for their customers. This casino game is full of bonuses and big wins to keep you consistently playing. Jackpot Citys number one task, is to keep your private information safe and secure. Customer service is always prepared to help and answer all your questions.

Spin Casino

Spin Casino is another fun and entertaining online casino. It has a 2000 dollar sign-on bonus for new customers to enjoy. The winning rate is 97.69 percent and a 1-3 day payout. This casino has such games as Jungle Jim, Mega Moolah, Starburst and Avalon. There are also 700 or more games waiting to play. This online site has banking security and your private information is kept under lock and key. They have state of the art gaming and lots of bonus winnings to keep you busy for hours and hours.

Ben Amo

Ben Amo one of the leading online casinos, has a very speedy payout of one day. Plus new customers will receive a $300 bonus and the payout rate is a high 97.83 percent. This site has a 24-hour customer support service and a VIP Club for those who want to join. They also have a very secure deposit method to keep your money safe. There are many live games available to keep you entertained. This is a very safe and secure site for those who want their information kept private.

Safe and Secure

Online casinos have a large number of games available to fit just about anyone’s preferences. Most are safe and secure and are a great way to pass the time. Most of these casinos consist of quick payouts with a low starting deposit. Bonuses in games seem to appear regularly to keep you playing for an extended time. These sites have very good customer service. Most are quick and able to help at a moment’s notice. Online casinos are the best way to relieve a person’s boredom while sitting at home. Fun will be right at your fingertips.