Do my neighbours have the right to park their vehicles in front of my house every day?

Question Details: Neighbours around my house constantly park their cars in front of my house and I have to park mine down the road - are they allowed to do that?

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Yes, they can park in front of your house if they are parking on a public street.

Of course, if the land the neighbours are parking on belongs to you or your landlord, the neighbours shouldn't be using the land without permission.

But if they're simply parking on a public street, there's probably not much you can do. Parking regulations and bylaws are made by local authorities, so vary from region to region. The Road Code contains rules about where you can't park but it doesn't stop anyone from parking safely on a public road.

You could contact your council to check that there are no parking restrictions that apply, such as Residents only parking. If there are no restrictions that help you out, then you're probably stuck with a walk to your car.

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