Can a minor live with their friend in a different country to the minor's parents?

Question Details: Can a minor live with their friend in a different country to the minor's parents?

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This depends on what you mean by 'minor'.

You are not legally allowed to leave home until you are 16 years old. Before this age, the police or CYFS can uplift you and return you to your parents house.

Under the age of 16, you cannot get a passport without your parents consent. You would also be unable to get a visa for most countries under this age, without parental consent. This would make it very difficult to travel abroad.

Depending on the age of your friend, they could get in serious trouble for helping you leave your home and the country.

If you are over 16, but under 18, then you can get a passport on your own, and leave you family home.

At this time, you are free to live where you want, but will still be subject to restrictions in the areas of housing, benefits, employment and the ability to sign contracts, due to your young age.

Further, although you can leave home at 16, you are legally under the guardianship of your parents until you are 18. If your parents consider that you lack the maturity and judgment to move, or your functioning has been impaired, they can apply to the Family Court to have their rights enforced. Following this, the police or CYFS can uplift you and bring you home.

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