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Gambling goes back to the Palaeolithic Age, the time where man was still not able to record history. And so, we could confidently say that gambling has been a part of human culture and development for thousands of years.

In other parts of the world, gambling is legal and an important part of society. Places like Las Vegas, Atlantic City or Macau are places where gambling plays a very important role. And they provide more than just entertainment.

Big casino companies build resorts that create jobs and opportunities to their communities.

For example, there was a time not long ago when Las Vegas was nothing more than a big piece of land with nothing but sand. Macau was nothing more than a sleepy port two centuries ago.

When gambling houses became popular and business became lucrative the area around simply grew with it.

Growth in Tourism

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So, in 1961 when gambling laws here in New Zealand became more lenient sports betting also grew and that also encouraged the development of better sports arenas. Horseracing was the first sports betting that was allowed here and gambling helped in its growth.

When the other sports gain popularity and betting became allowed it made the games more exciting.

Sports like Aussie football, cricket and tennis started to develop and their growth followers and popularity has increased tax revenues and helped the communities where these teams are based.

Increased Tax Revenue

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To date, there are 33-horseracings events in New Zealand with about six land-based casinos, several football teams and tennis arenas.

There are also several big casino companies that are looking to build and develop more resorts however the government is making sure that growth of the industry is managed well.

But we cannot take away the fact that sports betting and casino gambling has helped New Zealand in terms of tax revenue, development and in creating job opportunities.

The good thing about New Zealand despite its strict approach to gambling is that they value privacy. In countries like the US for example, privacy belongs to the second tier when it comes to its value, while in New Zealand, the privacy of its citizens or the individual is being carefully looked upon.

In recent years there has been an increase in support to make privacy a right of an individual which is important for people who are into gambling.

Gambling is a personal sport and for as long as the individual is not causing any damage or affecting the lives of his friends and relatives in a negative way then his/her personal information should be protected.

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The Department of Internal Affairs is the governing body for the casino laws in New Zealand. They issue licenses and certificates to all land-based casinos here in New Zealand. There are six casinos operating here and all of them are being regulated and monitored to ensure that that they comply with all the laws.

Manage and minimize the disadvantages that are caused by gambling

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Gambling is a game where you bet that your instincts are better than the other. And that means that one side will earn money and the other will lose. And for those who will be losing money, it would mean financial ruin followed by depression, anxiety and mood disorders. So, it has become important for the government to reduce these risks.

Educate gamblers about responsible gaming

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To ensure that gambling remains a healthy recreational and exciting activity it is important that education is provided. Gamers should understand how gambling can financially and emotionally affect them.

Guarantee the players a fair chance of winning

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Casinos can easily manipulate their tables and machines to make sure that they make money all the time. However, casinos cannot operate if they do not also give the gamblers a fair chance of winning. Gambling can only really flourish if there’s fairness in the games.

Remove the criminal groups or syndicates in all gambling establishments

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Since gambling involves a lot of money it is unavoidable that it will attract criminals and syndicates. All criminal activities involve dishonest games and/or fraudulent transactions and so the government is taking a strong stand in curbing them.

Manage the growth of the gambling industry

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The growth of the gambling industry has to be managed as well to guarantee that enforcement can be done efficiently and regulations are updated accordingly.

Encourage the industry to have community responsibility

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Casinos and resorts can quickly grow a community by providing the locals with much-needed work and revenue.

The increased tourism will also increase activities and create more opportunities so it is vital that casino resorts also take care of their own communities and guarantee that a good portion of their revenue goes to local development.

Control the allowable gambling activities

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The Department of Internal Affairs also controls what games casinos are allowed to offer and this further ensures that gambling remains fair and activities have reduced disadvantages.

It is important to note that New Zealand laws bear a close similarity to the laws found in the UK and France. For example, some of the basic laws in New Zealand like family laws were practically copied from the same principles that form the family core laws in the UK.

But over the years New Zealand lawmakers have made their own adaptation. For example, divorce is no longer allowed under the New Zealand family law even though the principles behind the family law came from the UK where it is legal.